How to factory unlock your Verizon iPhone 4S GSM & CDMA any baseband, any iOS

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How to factory unlock your Verizon iPhone 4S GSM & CDMA any baseband, any iOS

Dear, we are glad to announce that our partner OfficialiPhoneUnlock and the most reliable factory unlock server provider has launched a new service into their list of all supported carrier for factory unlocking. You heard it right, the new iPhone Factory Unlock service that OfficialiPhoneUnlock has launched is for your iPhone 4S Verizon locked iPhone, any baseband including iOS 5.1.1 and baseband 2.0.12.

As you are already familiar OfficialiPhoneUnlock are the official iphone factory unlock providers as they are doing their unlocks directly from Apple’s database. You can find out more about OfficialiPhoneUnlock here.

Can the unlock be done directly from Verizon, not trough OfficialiPhoneUnlock?

- Absolutely right, Verizon Wireless can factory unlock your iPhone 4S, but as any other company they have a policy and requirements which you must meet before they process your iPhone 4S for factory unlocking, which most or some of the users does not meet those requirements as they have bought iPhone 4S from ebay or from any other source, second-hand and they are stucked with their iPhone 4S locked to the Verizon network.
The list of the requirements is kinda small but tight:
- Being a Verion Wireless customer
- and have your account in good standing for the past 60 days.

So all the other users that does not meet the requirements must find a reliable, official source to get their iPhone 4S factory unlocked. That kind of service is available on the market, it’s called OfficialiPhoneUnlock in which we are in partnership with and we highly recommend this service as we have tested ourselfs, plus other customers have reported successfull feedback about their service. The best part is that your Verizon iPhone 4S will get unlocked within 24hours, which is the best turnaround time available on the market.

What basebands and firmware does OfficialiPhoneUnlock supports for my iPhone 4S locked to Verizon?

We have told this once, twice, or we dont know how many times. OfficialiPhoneUnlock does not rely on Basebands and/or Firmwares. Any other company asking you for Firmware/Baseband version is a SCAM. OfficialiPhoneUnlock uses only Factory Unlock which is done by Apple and your iPhone is marked as unlocked for lifetime. OfficialiPhoneUnlock DOES NOT USE ANY SOFTWARE/HARDWARE related unlock for your iPhone.


A big YES ! Check out Order Factory Unlock Now and learn more about what does a Factory Unlock means, how it works, who is doing the unlocks and ofcourse a lots of testimonials from users who have successfully unlocked their iPhones with OfficialiPhoneUnlock.

Don’t hesitate, head to their website or use the form below to make an order and get your Verizon iPhone 4S Factory Unlocked within 24hours.


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