Official Factory Unlock Sprint iPhone 4S provided by OfficialiPhoneUnlock

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Official Factory Unlock Sprint iPhone 4S provided by OfficialiPhoneUnlock

Dev.MK and it’s team is glad to announce that our partner OfficialiPhoneUnlock started offering Spring iPhone 4S official factory unlock!

The procedure has never been simpler. All you have to do is, head to their web site, make the order after double checking the device for it’s eligibility by checking the ESN (see IMPORTANT NOTES below), wait for couple days (1-4) and get your iPhone factory unlocked.

When your handset gets factory unlocked trough our partner OfficialiPhoneUnlock an email will be sent with instructions how to proceed for the FULL unlock to take place, by simply connecting to iTunes.

So far OfficialiPhoneUnlock hasn’t failed us at any unlock they provide, so we are proud to encourage you to start ordering and get your iPhones/iDevices unlocked.

Do not hesitate, go to OfficialiPhoneUnlock and start unlocking your iDevices now!



Only clean ESN phones can be unlocked, so before ordering please double check your phones MEID. If everything is OK, your iPhone will be UNLOCKED within 1-4 days!


The Dev.MK Team

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  • Kyaw Soe Lwin


  • lc

    hi i need help your result said that my iphone is unlocked but when i put a new sim card show me activation requiered message

  • Frank Lee

    How much? Sprint Iphone 4s

  • sam

    NOT Trust Worthy !! Above IMEI checker will many phones as Locked even when they are unlocked

  • iproximus


    IMEI Number: 00000000000000
    Your iPhone is: Locked
    Request factory Unlock HERE!– hahaha

  • Tam

    Why credit card payment for unlock sprint iPhone 4S not successful