Why Choose officialiphoneunlock.co.uk – a special review by dev.mk

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Why Choose officialiphoneunlock.co.uk – a special review by dev.mk

All the Apple phones come with the AT&T GSM SIM card in it which is only operative in the USA. In case you are planning to go to the other parts of the world like Europe you need to unlock your iPhone in order to use your  mobile phones in those places. In case you’re planning to visit UK means you have to choose the telecom partner of AT&T in that region to use your iPhone which is quite costly. So, many people tend to choose a local telecom service provider as a temporary replacement. In order to insert a SIM Card other than AT&T, unlocking your iPhone is mandatory. Most of the people have the wrong notion that unlocking the iPhone is illegal, but it is  absolutely not. In fact there are many Factory unlocking service providers available in the UK.

Why officialiphoneunlock.co.uk?

The difference between the official and unofficial unlocking system is Official unlocks are 100% secure and they will replace the original operating system, firmware and other software which were already there in your iPhone. There are even some authorized factory iPhone unlock service providers such as officialiphoneunlock.co.uk that is approved by AT&T in UK and Europe. Among the authorized iphone unlock services officialiphoneunlock.co.uk stands ahead of all. The reason for their reputation is they provide the best i-phone factory unlock services in the market: They unlock your iPhone in a 100% genuine manner. They even have a money back policy schemes if you aren’t satisfied with their work, they also do the factory unlock in the most cost effective way.

The payment can be made through any type of cards or online cash transfer sites. They assure you the proper functioning of your iPhone after the unlock has been done. They also update the features of your iPhone while unlocking and they provide you with the genuine software and firmware after unlocking the iPhone. If you unlock your phone at the official iPhone unlock you can still enjoy the warranty from AT&T and Apple. The iPhone unlock is done faster at officialiphoneunlock.co.uk than the other phone unlocking sites. This site provides unlocking facilities for all the versions of iPhones.

IMEI checker:

You need to check your IMEI number of your iPhone before and after phone unlock.
This will show whether your iPhone is genuinely unlocked or otherwise. You can check the IMEI number by doing the following steps. Select settings option in your iPhone.
Then go to the general option in that settings menu. Then scroll down in ‘About’ and look for IMEI. Each phone has a unique IMEI number with 15 digits. So, after unlocking the iPhone you should check for the IMEI number in your phone this can be done directly or through iphone operator check.com because this will show the complete details of your iPhone after it is unlocked. If you have done unlocking using officialiphoneunlock.co.uk you needn’t worry about this.

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    At least i know now what my provider is. Byebye € 15,-

    09 Sep 2012 08:57:12 – IMEI lookup complete. Please refer to our email to find out what network the handset is locked to. YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT AN UNLOCK – YOU HAVE BOUGHT A SERVICE TO TELL YOU WHAT NETWORK THE HANDSET IS LOCKED TO.