iOS6 release date, time? Wondering when?

cyberboki 19/09/2012 0
iOS6 release date, time? Wondering when?

Well, on the last week event at Yerba Buena for Arts in San Francisco, when Apple has announced “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” or the iPhone 5, they also announce officially the release date/time of the iOS 6. Apple confirmed that iOS6 will be released for public use by 19 September. This is just a “follow-up” of iOS 5 and iOS 4 which have been released at 10:00AM Pacific time, so we could say that this new iOS will be released like it’s predecessors. So we may expect the release of the iOS 6 today but at what time? According to the stated above you can find release time according to all countries and cities timezone around the world below on the image.

Important notes about what you need to prepare before upgrading to the latest iOS 6:

1. First and most important you will need the latest version of iOS. the iOS 5.1.1. You should first upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 before you will be able to upgrade to the iOS 6. How to? It’s simple. Visit Setting -> General and click on Software update on your iPhone, iPad, iDevice in general. Also when the iOS 6 is released you can check for the upgrade following the same steps.

2. Backup your iPhone before upgrading to iOS 6. You can use local back or even iCloud backup. For local backup just connect your iDevice to iTunes, right click on the device in the right sidebar in iTunes and select Back-up. For iCloud backup open the Settings in your iPhone, click iCloud in the settings app and head over to iCloud category, after that just click Storage & Backup and it will automaticly start backup-ing your iPhone.

3. Millions of iOS users are waiting the new version of iOS. And probably most of them will upgrade to iOS 6 today, so be patient. Our advise is to upgrade probably tomorrow or even later today.

4. Your phone will reboot after downloading, and your iPhone or iPad will automatically install, refresh and reboot. After the reboot, your phone will now run iOS 6.

5. Battery! Upgrading to iOS 6 the new iOS from Apple will require a good battery juice so please charge your battery or if the upgrade process detetcs that your battery is below required level will require you to connect to power before upgrading.

6. In case of errors, you can reboot your iPhone anytime you want by simultaneously pressing the home button and the power button to initiate the automatic reboot.


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