Permanent IMEI based Factory Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T, O2 UK and Bouygeous France Available NOW!

cyberboki 21/09/2012 2
Permanent IMEI based Factory Unlock iPhone 5 AT&T, O2 UK and Bouygeous France Available NOW!

Dear readers, as you know 9 days ago Apple anounced the iPhone 5 their next generations iPhone and the pre-orders started 2 days after announcing it on 14 September. Today the first shipment of the iPhone 5 has reached it’s final destination, the owners who managed to pre-order an iPhone as only for the first 6 hours, over 2 million iPhones were ordered in the first 6 launch countries. Well, at the shipping day we have a GREAT NEWS for the DevMK readers. has managed to arrange Permanent IMEI based Factory Unlock directly from Apple database for your iPhone 5. Yes it’s true. Wooha, these guys are awesome! But for a start it’s limited to 3 START CARRIERS listed below:

The first carrier onboard for iPhone 5 unlocking is Bouygeous France at a price of £39.99 and takes just 24 hours.

BOOM! The second carrier on board for iPhone 5 unlocking is your most favorite, AT&T USA at a price of £49.99 AND most important about it is that it just takes 5 hours and your iPhone 5 to be free to use with ANY carrier around the world :-) .

The third and probably final carrier today is O2 UK iPhone 5 unlocking. It just takes 1 hours to unlock and it costs £59.99.

Hurry up guys, anyone interested in unlocking follow the links above, make an order and get your iPhones unlocked for maximum 1 day. As I said hurry up as our partners at OfficialiPhoneUnlock team is full of pre-orders for the iPhone 5. Once again, these are not final carriers that will support iPhone 5 unlocking as OfficialiPhoneUnlocking is already negotiating with other carriers and other carriers will come onboard over the next few days FOR SURE! Keep visiting DevMK Blog to stay updated and get your pre-orders in at website.


  • Jason

    This is my imei 013329003950530 please help
    It said unlocked when did a imei check but can not avtivate on T mobile

  • Adam Daieh

    After a few months of getting
    troubles to unlock my phone, my iPhone 4 is unlocked just in 20 min Many