Unlock possibilities for the new iPhone 5 – Prices and where to buy

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Unlock possibilities for the new iPhone 5 – Prices and where to buy

As we all know Apple announced the iPhone 5 on 12 September, which compared to it’s predecessors the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 is more advanced with more powerful features, better design, better hardware. As announced on the conference by Apple the pre-orders for the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 started today in 6 launch countries and the first shipment of the iPhone 5 will be made on 21 September, a week later after the pre-orders.

As expected the first batch of iPhones was sold after 6 hours in all 6 countries around the world. The prices for the unlocked version vary. In United States the prices are $649, $749 and $849 respectively for the 16GB model, 32GB and 64GB. In the United Kingdom the price for the iPhone 5 is £529, £599 and £699 respectively for the models.

iPhone 5 Factory Unlock – a Pre-Order service from our partner officialiphoneunlock.co.uk.

Ye it’s true! Our partner worked hard finding the best solution for factory unlocking iPhone 5 and they have a solution. For all who doesn’t have much money to spend for the next generation iPhone (paying $849 for a factory unlocked iPhone 5 is kinda too much) the prices are much lower but with a 2 year contract and locked to a carrier. The new service from our partner officialiphoneunlock.co.uk will allow you to unlock you new iPhone 5. Same as the Apple, OfficialiPhoneUnlock offers the service as a Pre-Order and when the first batch of iPhones ships to it owners they can easily get the unlock and be the first ones who have a Factory Unlocked iPhone 5.

Are there any benefits from the Factory Unlocking iPhone 5?

As mentioned numerous times, benefits form a factory unlocked iphone are more than you can imagine. You will stop worrying about updating your Firmware, your Baseband, restore anytime you want with iTunes and forget about the unlock as it’s Unlock for life as it’s permanent.

For all of us who cant afford buying an Factory Unlocked iPhone 5, the solution is here, provided by dev.mk in partnership with officialiphoneunlock.co.uk. So do not hesitate, make your pre-order today and get the iPhone 5 unlocked as soon as it arrives at your home.

We have updated our ordering forms with the new service, so you can select the iPhone 5 from the list.


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