Factory Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6 – Permanent Official iPhone 5 Unlock via IMEI

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Factory Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6 – Permanent Official iPhone 5 Unlock via IMEI

Whats up guys? Been a while since we haven’t posted something. Well we were busy with testing new services that OfficialiPhoneUnlock provides, and one of them is Factory Unlock iPhone 5, iOS 6. Yep you heard it right. iPhone 5 can be unlock on any network worldwide, a BIG thanks to OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk.

Wondering How To unlock your brand new iPhone 5 permanently via IMEI?

The procedure has never been easier. All you have to do is head over to their website, make an order, and relax a bit while the guys at OfficialiPhoneUnlock do the work for you.

Will this work while I’m still on a contract with my iPhone 5?

Yes of course, a BIG yes. These guys are awesome. They will not just unlock your contract based iPhone 5, but even if it’s blocked/barred. Simply just make an order (head to their web site or use the form below) and relax while the iPhone is getting unlocked.


What you will gain with this factory unlock:

There are numerous reasons why you should do this. First and most important: this is a PERMANENT FACTORY UNLOCK for your iPhone. Next this will not void your warranty, it’s 100% lega. You can safely upgrade your iOS to the newset version and newest basebad without loosing the unlock. Also important fact is which most users ask “Will this work on my baseband (because iPhone 5 has update the basebands) ?”. YES This is a factory UNLOCK, it’s not a hardware/software hack so it’s not depending on the baseband version!

When your handset gets factory unlocked trough our partner OfficialiPhoneUnlock an email will be sent with instructions how to proceed for the FULL unlock to take place, by simply connecting to iTunes.

So far OfficialiPhoneUnlock hasn’t failed us at any unlock they provide, so we are proud to encourage you to start ordering and get your iPhones/iDevices unlocked.

What are the next steps when my iPhone 5 gets Official Factory Unlocked?

Simply Connect to iTunes and thats it :) you are able to use the iPhone 5 on any network worldwide!

Questions? Thoughts? Hesitation? Feel free to comment below.


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