Factory Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6 any baseband – Official iPhone 5 Unlock via IMEI

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Factory Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6 any baseband – Official iPhone 5 Unlock via IMEI

Dear Dev.MK Readers, there has been a while since we shared our last post with you, the Official iPhone Unlock for Japan Softbank. Today we are going to write and share a short review about the new iPhone 5 and its unlock possibilities.

As many of you have searched and are waiting for unlock solution based on baseband, we are sorry to inform you that at the moment there is no such unlock available to any of us. On the other hand as you are familiar we are working with OfficialiPhoneUnlock (who are our partner) and since the iPhone 5 launch they have a solution for the iPhone 5 and thats the one official, permanent, legitimate, without voiding your warranty unlock. Follow the steps below to see how it works and how you should proceed with buying the unlock solution.

A short review of OfficialiPhoneUnlock.

As we have stated many times, and you can read the full review made by Dev.MK team OfficialiPhoneUnlock is the only company that are verified and registered in UK and its one of the most reliable source providing permanent official iphone unlocks for many carriers around the world. And the most interesting part is that this company was the first who brought the Official iPhone 5 Unlock around the globe. Not enough? Check out the full review made by Dev.MK with some of the testimonials from users.

How to unlock your iPhone 5 using Official iPhone 5 Unlock service from our partner.

First this is not a software based unlock depending on the baseband. There is no such unlock available at the moment. Asking why? Well the software & hardware based unlocks are dependent on the iPhone 5 baseband which are totally new and they are updated. Simple told, ANYONE claiming that he has software or hardware unlock solution he is scammer. Other thing all other iPhone users (4 & 4S) that are using software and/or hardware unlock stay away from updating to iOS 6.x because the new iOS 6 will update the baseband as well and your iPhone will STOP WORKING. So your only hope is the Official iPhone 5 Unlock service provided by OfficialiPhoneUnlock to get your iPhone 5 unlocked and use with any SIM around the world.

Official Factory Unlock iPhone 5

Later today we will post on Dev.MK list of carriers that are eligible for official factory unlock, but we asure you that most important and major carriers around the worls are supported. Here is the procedure how to get your iPhone 5 officially unlocked:

- Head over to OfficialiPhoneUnlock site and purchase unlock for your iPhone 5 by selecting the carrier.
- Make the payment which is different for each carrier.
- Wait to receive confirmation email that your payment is accepted and your IMEI is being sent for unlocking directly in Apple Database
- Wait to receive confirmation email that your iPhone 5 is now officially factory unlocked
- Connect the iPhone 5 to iTunes and get your iPhone fully unlocked.

Simple eh?

In case you dont know which carrier is your iPhone 5 locked to, simply visit OfficialiPhoneUnlock site select IMEI Lookup service (or do it by clicking here, it will give you the form for selecting IMEI Lookup), make the payment and receive full report where the iPhone is locked and then purchase an iPhone 5 unlock for that carrier.

After your iPhone 5 is unlocked whats next?

After you get your iPhone 5 officially factory unlocked, you are free to use with any carrier in the world. Also updating iOS and basebands will be no problem as this is a permanent solution and its not dependent on the iOS and/or iPhone baseband. So don’t hesitate just head over to OfficialiPhoneUnlock website and get your iPhone unlocked today.

Comments, questions thoughts? Share below in the comment section.


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  • Patryk

    anyone can help me ? 012842002378751 its my imei and idk what simlock i have :( i bught this phone for my gf on christmass and now she cant use this .. bad gift ;c help me please

  • Steve Park

    guys.. please help this poor soul! i cant track my locked carrier since i got my iphone 4 in korea and i dont have any connetion with them!. i live in saipan (island) .. they dont do thesesmart stuff. my imei is (01 265800 646037 3) thank you guys.. for the … help.. [email protected]

  • Adam Daieh

    I unlocked the iphone yesterday and I just upgraded to version 6 and is working fine. Thanks for the help of WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM

  • mido

    01332900223069 ??

  • Omar Nor

    4G 012658001650762 Locked

    Activated Carrier: O2 – United Kingdom GBR
    Original Carrier: UK O2 Tesco