Dev MK Checker back online (limited info)

cyberboki 07/02/2014 10
Dev MK Checker back online (limited info)

Its been a while since we update you guys for the IMEI Checker. The thing is lots of imei checkers around the world are being shut down and less and less are working. The ones that are actually working are paid ones, but we managed to get one working just for you. Simply enter the IMEI and will get you the current lock/unlock status.

Carrier info though is hard to get for free, but in some cases its shown. For all other info such as contract status, activation status we recommend using the paid service.

And here it is, the new IMEI Checker: 

Check your iDevice SIMLock Status!

Tell us what you think in our comment section. Feedback, suggestions, we are all ears.

  • definitions/explinations

    what does registered status mean it says: registered Status-Yes
    Acitivated Status-NO
    can you explain the meanings
    thank you

  • Amil

    wtf i paid but never received simlock info wtf!!

  • Shin

    OK, I made a payment at Paypal. What’s next?

  • Vic

    What does this info mean:
    Carrier: Check Carrier(instant:
    Blocked: Block Check
    Your iPhone is: Check SIMLock (instant)
    So based in this info is the phone locked or unlocked. Reply with response in reference to my question appreciated.

  • Goddess

    My man I paid to check carrier so what happens now bc it’s still not telling me carrier and I would hate to have to put this website on blast

  • cthed

    Oh guess what I just entered the IMEA code on 3 phones and I know at least 2 are unlocked and the result came up locked on all of them. Now isn’t that a surprise that’s how this site gets your money I suppose!

  • Peter Lustig

    Hey men, i paid and want results now. whats up here!?!

  • Sam

    scam, i posted an imei thats alreay to been unlocked to check, and it says Locked LMFAO

  • Sam

    scam, i posted an imei thats already been unlocked to check, and it said its Locked LMFAO

  • Андрей Михеенко

    Scamm. Check 3 unlocked iphones and on this checker they all LOCKED